Vinyl Siding

You can count on R S Masters for your next large scale siding and soffit fascia project. This project showcases our installation of ‘storm’ vinyl siding, flashing, fascia, soffit.

Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding for a house, used for decoration and weatherproofing, it was first introduced to the exterior cladding market in the late 1950’s as a replacement for aluminium siding. Some styles are imitating wood clap-board, and used instead of other materials such as aluminium or fibre cement siding. It is an engineered product, manufactured primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. The vinyl siding options range in product quality, durability, thickness and lifetime warranties. Contact us for a free quote for vinyl siding sales and installation in the Ottawa area.


The horizontal “fascia board” which caps the end of rafters outside a building may be used to hold the rain gutter. The finished surface below the fascia and rafters is called the soffit or eave. Soffit most often refers to the material forming a ceiling from the top of an exterior house wall to the outer edge of the roof, i.e., bridging the gap between a home’s siding and the roof-line, otherwise known as the eaves.

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