Value and Quality without Compremise

Leading the Ottawa area with state of the art siding and roofing materials and quality products backed by the best warranties on the market.


Leading the market with the sales and installation of Eco and energy saving products. Qualified and suggested by the manufacturer we strive on the installation of quality materials.


We offer sales and install of siding and roofing products for commercial buildings and large scale residential buildings such as apartment buildings, farms, warehouse and more. Fully insured and bonded for any requirements and specifications.


R&S Masters have been specializing in the siding industry for over 25 years. Offering the best possible installation of affordable quality siding products. Eco and Energy Saving siding products. Siding services can include flasing, counter flashing, eaves, drip edge, soffit and ventilation.


The materials to be used for roofing are based upon the building that it covers. The most common roofing product used in the Ottawa region are asphalt shingles which can last from 20-year and the thickest shingles can last a lifetime. The cost is dependant on the thickness and durability of the shingle. When shingles are worn out, they are usually stripped, along with the underlay and roofing nails, allowing a new layer to be installed.